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Another character for Einherjar, Bryn. I really like her overall character XD

Name: Bryn (Brynna) Amelia Steffensen

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian/homosexual

Race/species: Human, European/Maori.

--Physical: Appearance--
Height: 6’0”

Weight: 137 lbs.

Build/Body type: Hourglass, but toned and fit.

Skin: Naturally tan

Hair: Auburn, dyed. Naturally brown.

Eyes: Hazel

Facial Details: Strong jawline/ chin, upward-turned nose, heavy eyelids.

Other defining features/extra anatomy: Wears dark makeup around her eyes and red lipstick, though her lips are naturally quite rosy. Scar on the back of her leg below her left knee from falling on a broken beer bottle when she was 15, and has two angel wing tribal tattoos on her back.

Piercings: Three in right ear, one in left, two in left eyebrow, bellybutton.

--Physical: Movement--
Gait/Demeanor: Long steps, shoulders back and making the most of her figure. If she’s more defensive, she’ll hunch her shoulders a bit more and lower her centre of gravity in anticipation.

Voice/Speech patterns: A smooth, deep jazz voice. Speaks casually, though has a tendency to be very blunt, witty and sarcastic. She can be very scathing with some of her comments, even when speaking to friends.

Loves: Designing clothing, singing, playing the piano, dancing, socialising, smooth jazz and goth rock, when her works turns out how she wants it to, the occasional drink, doing make-up. She’s a very right-brain orientated person.

Hates/Fears: She hates being controlled, having no purpose, being called by her real name, fainting, conforming, and asparagus. She’s afraid of being alone forever.

Strengths: Bryn is a great designer and clothing maker, and actually tailored most of the clothing she wears herself. She also casually plays the piano, and has a beautiful bass singing voice. She plays softball for a club team and has a very strong upper-body as a result of practicing her tremendous swing- she’s a home-run hitter. She also has exceptional hand-eye co-ordination from all this. Used to do judo classes when she was younger, and though a large amount of her technique has flown out of her memory, she still remembers the basics and is pretty adept when the fighting hits the ground.

Weaknesses: She has a great number of vices, particularly her drinking. When she’s upset (which is a lot at the moment seeing as she just got cheated on and dumped by the one person she devoted herself to), she drinks a lot, and also has the occasional smoke to calm her nerves, though smoking is not in fact an addiction in her case. She also has an annoying habit of chewing gum all the time. She doesn’t see a huge amount of point in sticking to the rules if it’s not beneficial to the situation, but she does have good morals (Surprisingly). Perhaps one of her biggest weaknesses given her situation is the fact that she is entirely mortal, and can therefore be wounded fatally, unlike Elk, who is immortal and somewhat invincible. Tends to be very brash with her decisions and lets her temper get the better of her sometimes. Her major physical weakness is her left calf, which tends to give way more easily than it ought.

Attitude in a group: She’s co-operative, though she’s not afraid to let someone know when they’re talking out their ass. Certainly not a leader, under any circumstances- she doesn’t like the responsibility of looking after others.

Pick one of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS that your character relates to: Bryn relates the best to the sin of Wrath. She actually keeps a written personal hit list, and if you’re on it, she’ll make your life hell, equal to what you’ve done or possibly worse. She believes strongly in the Maori concept of ‘Utu’ or ceremonial revenge- when wronged, you wrong the other person back in a way that warns them never to cross you again. Though this doesn’t tend to end up being violent, it does have the potential to draw her the wrong way if she’s not careful in the future.

Pick one of the SEVEN HOLY VIRTUES that your character relates to: Dilligence is Bryn’s holy virtue; even though she may not seem like it, Bryn is in fact a very hard worker, and is born from a family of equally hard workers. She knows that if you want something done, you need to do it yourself, and she will persevere until the last stitch is perfect. She also doesn’t compromise on her values or beliefs (This can make her quite stubborn, though.)

Quirks: Bryn has a little sister that she can’t stand but still loves, idolises Coco Chanel, works at Subway to pay her way, rides a moped (lol) and loves the evening sun.

Setting: Modern day, Wellington, New Zealand, in a world where Ragnarok is forecast to reoccur, and the Nordic Gods still watch over the world.

Family: One sister, younger, attending a boarding school in Wellington, mother and father living in Manawatu, grandmother (Maori), who lives in the Hutt valley.

Friends: Elk, her ‘Straight best friend’, as well as several casual university and drinking friends (This story still needs a great deal of fleshing out when it comes to characters.)

Backstory: Bryn is a pretty standard human being. She grew up in the Manawatu region, attended boarding school until she was seventeen, and then dropped out when she decided to pursue a career in fashion. She spent two years working up enough money to attend university, which when she was 19, she gained entrance to Victoria University. She’s currently in her third year, halfway towards a bachelor’s degree in fashion design, minoring in business. She plans to attain this degree with honours. When she was fifteen she hit a rough patch where she nearly failed her first NCEA level examinations after she became too heavily involved with the wrong kind of crowd- the NA mark were almost enough shock to her system but the real icing was when one night, tumble-down drunk, she fell on a beer bottle and nearly severed the calf muscles in her left leg and ended up in hospital. After this, she decided to keep on the straight and narrow, and achieved her level two examinations with excellence, then going on to gain her university entrance to level three before leaving school early in year 13. It was in this, her third year of university, that she got cheated on and dumped by her girlfriend and fell into a long bout of depression. After nearly beating Elk to death, she became friends with him (He healed and showed up at her studio-flat the next day to tell her they were to be partnered on a design project), and now she hangs out with him and generally ignores his protests against getting her caught up in his shit.

Fighting Style: Bryn is very physical, strong in the arm but well-guarded too. She normally fights using her aluminium softball bat, Mjolnir, which she later discovers has been enchanted by Thor into emitting lightning when it collides with objects. She’s not afraid of getting rough, but she’s also very aware of her mortality and will stay back if she’s close to getting in over her head. When the fighting gets to the ground, she uses her judo, and she remembers enough of it to know how to pull off a decent sleeper-hold or force a few joints past breaking point.

Weapons/Gear: Her primary weapon is her charmed aluminium softball bat named ‘Mjolnir’ after Thor’s hammer. Convinced by Elk to enchant the bat, seeing Bryn’s courage and amused by her tenacity, Thor charmed the bat so that it is now unbreakable, and emits a concentrated shock of lightning when it hits an object with appropriate force. The greater the force behind the swing, the more concentrated the lightning becomes. The downside to this weapon is that it is a general enchantment, meaning that one, anyone can use it, and two, it doesn’t pick it’s moments exclusively and now makes a pretty shitty bat when it comes to actually playing softball.

Unusual Abilities: Bryn is pretty much human. She has no special abilities beside her general skills and Mjolnir. Well, okay, she can put one leg behind her head. She’s pretty flexible.

Physical Attributes: Averagely human, Bryn is very fit due to her playing of sport, and has great upper-body strength. She can lift her own weight and hold it for a decent span of time. She’s also pretty fast on her feet, and has good hand-eye co-ordination as aforementioned. She’s also more flexible than your average person- she can do the splits both ways, touch her toes, etc.

Group combat techniques: Bryn is pretty good at fighting back-to-back, and backs up her friends very well. If anything, she’s better fighting in a group than she is on her own.

Bryn C me.
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RedDiamondVespa Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2011  Student Digital Artist
...there are parts of her.. overall character that seem to be...parallel to you .. |D ... Either exactly or somewhat...

I like her hair better with the bangs...probably just cause.. idk.. I hate it when characters don't have bangs or at least something.... For me it never looks.. good I feel ...
Only sharing that fact.. XD ;;
Skarita Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Most of my characters probably share one or two parallels with me *shrug* She has a lot more vices than me though. And she has a much better work ethic |D

XD okaay... I like puling the hair away from the face if it's a nice shape XD
SolyssAhrae Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's neat. I like her.
Skarita Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Me too XD Thanks C:
serenadefox Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011
She looks nifty :)

And her information is intriguing
Skarita Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Thanks C: <3
serenadefox Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2011
You're welcome :)
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